My Wedding Part 2

Let’s face it, eloping would have been so much easier than planning an actual wedding. That being said, I couldn’t imagine walking down the aisle to my soon to be husband without holding the hand of the first man I ever loved…my dad. My dad is my hero. He has the most kind heart and is so incredibly funny. I simply adore him. My dad has been battling many serious health problems in recent years so I knew that having him escort me down the aisle would be a moment I’d treasure forever for many reasons.

The bridal party had made their way to down the aisle to an instrumental version of What a Wonderful World, there was a moment of silence and then Canon in D began playing. This was the song I had listened to so many times in my car and teared up as I imagined this sweet moment. Be honest-you’re guilty of doing your best day dreaming in your car too!

My dad & I grabbed arms, said I love you and began walking. My dad immediately broke down and started sobbing. I, of course, followed suit. My heart was so full. It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever experienced.


4 thoughts on “My Wedding Part 2

  1. That is so sweet, you are such a blessing too him, you are and always will be his little girl, to have an honor of walking you down was so moving to him, that he got to see his baby walk to her dream man. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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